Three Auto Accident Myths You Need To Know About

If you find yourself suffering from injuries following an automobile accident, you may be able to file a personal injury case and recover money for your medical bills, lost wages, and any permanent injuries you may wind up having. Unfortunately, there are many myths circulating related to auto accidents. These myths may cause you to make mistakes when it comes to your case. Here are three common auto accident myths and the truth surrounding these myths.

Can Marijuana Use Cause You To Lose A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

With Oregon recently joining Washington and Colorado as states that legally permit personal use of marijuana and medical marijuana patients in almost every state, more questions are cropping up about the effects of the drug. Can you prove that you were not under the influence if you are involved in an accident? If you are in an accident and have been drinking alcohol, blood alcohol tests can reliably show how much was in your system.

Guilty Or Innocent: Why Talking To The Police Isn't In Your Best Interest

The Fifth Amendment protects your right to say 'no' when the police asks you to answer questions. Likewise, you have the right to decline if a police officer asks you to come to the station for questioning. Even if you've done nothing wrong, the best thing to do is remain silent. Despite what the police may suggest, silence is NOT an admission of guilt. However, anything you say -- even before you are arrested -- can be held against you in court.

3 Possible Reasons For Denial Of Worker's Compensation And What You Can Do

There are no guarantees that a worker's compensation claim will be paid. When you file, your employer's insurance company will review the circumstances surrounding your accident and decide if it will pay. If you receive notice that your claim was denied, the company will include an explanation as to why. Here are some of the most common reasons for a denial. Illegal Drugs and Alcohol If you were taken to the emergency room following your accident, there is a good chance that a drug and alcohol screen were conducted.