Three Auto Accident Myths You Need To Know About

If you find yourself suffering from injuries following an automobile accident, you may be able to file a personal injury case and recover money for your medical bills, lost wages, and any permanent injuries you may wind up having. Unfortunately, there are many myths circulating related to auto accidents. These myths may cause you to make mistakes when it comes to your case. Here are three common auto accident myths and the truth surrounding these myths. 

Myth 1: There Is Nothing That Can Be Done If the Police Find You At Fault

If the police find you at fault for the accident, you may feel that there is nothing else you can do. Fortunately for you, this is not the case. Police officers often write a police report without having witnessed the accident. They base their findings on what you and the other driver told them. However, what the other driver states may not always be the case. An auto accident lawyer can talk to witnesses, obtain camera footage from nearby businesses or homes, or even hire an accident recreationist to prove who was at fault and thus show who should be liable for your injuries. 

Myth 2: You Cannot File a Personal Injury Claim If You State You Have No Injuries Initially

Another common myth related to auto accidents is that you cannot file a personal injury claim if you originally tell a claims adjuster that you have not sustained injuries. It is very common for injuries to not become noticeable or apparent for a few days after the accident. You can file a personal injury claim as long as you are within the statute of limitations for your case, which is typically one to two years after the date of the accident based on state laws where the accident occurred. 

Myth 3: All Auto Accident Lawyers Are the Same

The final myth is that all auto accident lawyers are the same. This is not the case at all. Different lawyers have different schooling and experience. They may also specialize in certain types of cases and may take different approaches when it comes to settling or trying cases. Always do your research to find an auto accident lawyer who is best suited to help you with your case. 

Being injured in an automobile accident can change your life. This is not an event that you should take lightly. If you are able to, it is wise to speak to an auto accident lawyer. They can provide you with legal advice as to whether they feel that you have a case and what steps you should take to proceed with your case. Get the help you deserve by hiring an auto accident attorney today. 

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