Seeking Justice After A Being Doored When Riding A Motorbike

Some drivers engage in negligent behaviors that endanger other road users' lives. A good example of one of the most dangerous actions is opening the car door when there's an oncoming motorcycle in the adjacent lane. When a door suddenly appears in front of your bike, you might not manage to swerve safely to the other lane. As a result, the driver might hit and knock you down with the car door.

Why You Need A Lawyer For A DUI Accident Claim

Driving under the influence (DUI) of an intoxicating substance increases the risk of auto accidents. Thus, you might assume that an auto accident claim against a DUI defendant would be straightforward. However, such a claim requires careful preparation and processing, just like other auto accident claims. Below are some reasons a lawyer is necessary for a DUI accident claim. A DUI Doesn't Constitute Automatic Liability First, you should know that the defendant's DUI does not mean they are automatically liable for your damages.

How To Stop Robocalls And Sue Offenders

When waiting on an important personal call, you may jump in anticipation once you finally hear the phone ring. There's nothing more disappointing than answering the call to hear a robocall on the other end. In many situations, robocalls are illegal. However, most people don't take action to stop the calls. When you've finally reached your boiling point with spam calls, take these steps to stop robocalls and sue the offenders.

Vital Reasons To Put An Experienced Airplane Repo Attorney On Retainer

Your private jet may be one of your most reliable and important assets. You rely on it to get you to and from vital business meetings throughout the week. However, when you get behind on payments on it, you could risk having it repossessed. You may be able to avoid this risk by hiring an experienced airplane repo attorney to represent you. Ensuring Legalities Lenders must follow a number of legalities before they can repossess an asset like a private jet.

3 Key Essentials for Winning a Hotly Contested Child Custody Battle

Child custody battles are rarely easy since parents are not ready to relinquish full custody of their kids. However, regardless of how complicated or heated the negotiations get, you must keep your emotions under control to prevent messing up the case.  Acting contrary to the expected behavior could bring regrettable consequences. For instance, your ex-spouse could be allocated more time with the kids, or you might be required to pay a larger percentage of the child support.