Seeking Justice After A Being Doored When Riding A Motorbike

Some drivers engage in negligent behaviors that endanger other road users' lives. A good example of one of the most dangerous actions is opening the car door when there's an oncoming motorcycle in the adjacent lane. When a door suddenly appears in front of your bike, you might not manage to swerve safely to the other lane. As a result, the driver might hit and knock you down with the car door. Such an accident might cause serious bodily injuries, and you should seek compensation. This article highlights what the law states about dooring accidents and how to get justice when you're involved in one.

What the Law States About Dooring Accidents

Hitting a motorcyclist with a car door is unlawful. The law prohibits motorists from opening vehicle doors to the side available to moving traffic unless it is safe to do so. If they must, motorists should open the door without affecting other road users. Cab drivers are also not supposed to leave the vehicle door open for a long time when loading or unloading passengers. Therefore, you have a right to sue a driver when they hurt you with a vehicle door when riding your motorbike.

However, pursuing compensation is not always easy. This is because drivers raise different arguments to dispute liability. For instance, they claim that the rider was lane-splitting or they were distracted when the collision happened. They can also argue that the motorcyclist was drunk, which made them make poor judgments. This is why it is always advisable to work with a motorcycle accident lawyer after suffering injuries in a dooring accident. They will investigate the incident and gather evidence to prove that you never did anything wrong.

Seeking Justice after the Collision

The first step in seeking justice is determining the wrongdoers. This can include the driver or a third party. Your lawyer will gather essential information at the scene of the accident to help them prove that the accident was not your fault. This might include video surveillance and witness statements. Your lawyer will use the evidence they collect to show the driver's mistake when they knocked you down. For instance, they might have lost concentration because they were using their phone when driving.

You might also get into a dooring accident when riding in construction zones. In this case, the debris on the road could make you serve into an open car door. No matter the situation, the wrongdoers should compensate you for the losses you incur because of the collision.

Pursuing compensation for injuries suffered in a dooring accident can be challenging. This may be especially the case if the wrongdoer denies liability. In this case, a motorcycle accident lawyer can help you gather evidence to prove your case. They will then take over your case to allow you to focus on recovery.