How To Stop Robocalls And Sue Offenders

When waiting on an important personal call, you may jump in anticipation once you finally hear the phone ring. There's nothing more disappointing than answering the call to hear a robocall on the other end. In many situations, robocalls are illegal. However, most people don't take action to stop the calls. When you've finally reached your boiling point with spam calls, take these steps to stop robocalls and sue the offenders. 

1. Request an Unlisted Number

Call your phone provider and ask them to make your number private. Providers usually offer a basic privacy service for free with additional options for more money. 

Different phone providers have different features for private numbers. In most cases, your number won't show up in online searches. Furthermore, your name won't come up on caller IDs (although your number will still pop up). 

2. Put Your Number on the Federal Do Not Call List

Visit the National Do Not Call Registry to quickly and easily add your number to the list. 

The registry doesn't prevent all solicitation calls. Calls still allowed include:

  • Debt collectors
  • Charities
  • Surveys
  • Political groups

Telemarketers can also reach out to you if you willingly gave them your information. However, they can't continue after you unsubscribe from communications.

3. Report Offenders to the Federal Trade Commission

If you continue to receive spam calls 31 days after you register, you can report the incident to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

At the very least, reporting the call ensures you have official documentation of your grievance. The government also has a record of it. 

Continue to report every call and keep copies of all of your reports. 

4. Talk to a Lawyer

If the calls still keep coming, you need to take the case to a lawyer who specialized in litigating against robocalls. 

Your lawyer can look at your evidence to determine if you have a case. Assuming you have enough proof for a case, the lawyer can initiate a lawsuit against the company responsible for you as an individual or as part of a class-action lawsuit.

While not all cases result in large payouts, single families have received as much as $1 million for their troubles. DISH Network also received notoriety when they had to pay a settlement of $61 million for their telemarketing calls. 

Don't let spam calls interrupt your day. Take action to prevent robocalls. If they don't stop calling, it may be time to take legal action.