3 Key Essentials for Winning a Hotly Contested Child Custody Battle

Child custody battles are rarely easy since parents are not ready to relinquish full custody of their kids. However, regardless of how complicated or heated the negotiations get, you must keep your emotions under control to prevent messing up the case. 

Acting contrary to the expected behavior could bring regrettable consequences. For instance, your ex-spouse could be allocated more time with the kids, or you might be required to pay a larger percentage of the child support. While there is no formula guaranteeing a favorable outcome, you can take certain measures to boost your odds of winning. This guide shares three tips for winning a hotly contested child custody battle.

Enlist the Services of a Family Lawyer

There is a good chance that negotiations with your spouse could get out of hand, more so if any of you contest the divorce. That is why it is advisable to enlist the services of a family law attorney to handle the negotiations for you. They will help you avoid costly errors that could make you lose custody. Your legal advisor will also help you develop a child custody agreement that will give you and your partner enough time with the kids.

Cooperate With Your Ex-spouse

You should cooperate with your ex-spouse until the completion of the case if you want desirable results. Failure to do this might depict your inability to co-parent with your spouse in the future. So even if you feel offended by your partner, don't refuse to work with them when necessary. Instead, make peace to ensure that you agree on contentious issues out of court. Being cooperative enables you to evade costly and lengthy court processes. Most importantly, it ensures a seamless transition for your children. 

Work On Issues That Could Work Against You

Your ex-spouse will do everything possible to prove that they deserve to get more time with the kids and the required financial support. As such, they may bring up issues that might portray you in a bad light. It's advisable to open up to your legal advisor about negative things you could have said or done to your partner in the past. They will advise you on what you can do to minimize their effects on your case.

Naturally, there are high stakes in a child custody battle, and you may want to do everything legally acceptable to win. The three measures above will boost your chances of getting a favorable outcome. Most importantly, working with a family attorney will enable you to get the best guidance throughout the process.