3 Issues That Affect Settlement In A Compensation Claim Involving A Car Crash

Your life can take a drastic turn after a car accident. The costs of damage repairs and hospital bills can consume all your savings, leading to financial challenges. However, recovering damages from the party responsible for the collision will ensure that you don't carry the burden alone. 

But that will depend on how well you craft your claim. The wrong calculation formula can make you lose out on some of the payments you deserve. Below are other issues that can profoundly impact your settlement case after a car crash.

Conflicting Stories from Witnesses 

Conflicting stories from witnesses can affect your settlement in court. For example, if the other drivers, eyewitnesses, and passengers have different versions of the incident, it becomes hard for the judge to determine what happened. 

You have to undertake a comprehensive investigation to determine who is to blame for the accident in such a case. You can gather the evidence you need by working with different accident scene experts to piece together the events that led to the crash. More importantly, it is paramount to get a few reliable witnesses to testify in court that you had nothing to do with the accident. 

Delayed Medical Treatment

It is advisable to seek professional medical services immediately after an accident, even if you don't have apparent injuries. A medical examination will unearth hidden issues that may not be physically visible. 

However, waiting until you feel pain can make it difficult to prove that you sustained injuries at the accident scene. The at-fault party might take advantage of this and insinuate that your injuries are not a direct result of the accident. 

Type of Injury

Your injury type will significantly determine the trajectory of your case. Severe injuries require more care, which means increased medical expenses and more time away from work. For example, your doctor might recommend surgery if you suffer a neck injury. That means you will spend a few days in the hospital. Your surgeon will also recommend several follow-up sessions to monitor your condition. In such a case, you deserve a higher payment. And do not forget to include your future medical bills in your claim.

The three issues above can affect the compensation you will get from the insurance company. So ensure you contact a car accident lawyer immediately after your accident to guide you on the measures to take. Doing this ensures that you don't make a mistake that can lower your compensation or make you lose it altogether. 

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