Divorce Mediation: What To Expect

Mediation is a type of conflict resolution that divorcing couples use when they want to avoid going to court. During mediation, the couple meets with a professional mediator who helps facilitate a discussion and resolution on marital issues. Mediators are typically lawyers, but there are also many that aren't. Mediators should be neutral and represent neither side. They can not advise on if an offer is adequate or fair. Mediators are allowed to explain the rules about divorce but aren't allowed to display any bias in favor of either position. The following points can let you know what to expect at divorce mediation.

Get Ready For Mediation

Preparing for your divorce mediation begins by understanding what to expect. Ensure that you have met your personal divorce lawyer once before mediation and that you organize all of your personal financial information. You should speak with a divorce lawyer so that you can learn your rights in your divorce. If you do so, you'll know what to anticipate at the mediation to represent yourself more effectively. Your first meeting with your divorce lawyer is crucial to having a successful mediation.

Prepare For Disagreement

You might not be able to solve all divorce issues during mediation. If you can't reach an agreement in mediation, you can always obtain independent counsel to begin the divorce process. The amount of time you spend in mediation is valuable because it can clarify matters in dispute. That knowledge can help your lawyer with obtaining the best solution in the divorce proceeding.

Determine If You Are A Good Candidate

Mediators are not actually needed for divorce litigation but are a great way to lower the expenses of divorce in specific scenarios. A qualified candidate for the mediation process is able to sit across the table from their former partner and can have a civil and open discussion about concerns that could be uncomfortable. Also, if one person has a mental illness or an addiction, then they are not suitable for mediation. Furthermore, if you or the other party can not negotiate or find common ground, then mediation might not be the best method of resolving your issues.

As you now have a better understanding of what is involved in divorce mediation, you should call a law firm for assistance. Mediators of the firm are available to assist you in resolving your divorce through mediation. For assistance with getting a peaceful divorce, give them a call right away.

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