4 Benefits That You Accrue By Having A DUI Lawyer Represent You

If you are arrested while driving under the influence, you can represent yourself or have an attorney represent you. Although there is a lot of information about self-representation on the internet, it can never compare to working with an actual lawyer. If you are wondering why you should hire a DUI attorney instead of representing yourself, here's why.

They Find Expert Witnesses Who Can Help Your Case 

The sentence you get when you are found guilty of a DUI charge is determined by how well you defend yourself. To build a successful defense, you need expert witnesses who will testify on your behalf. 

That said, you may not know where to find these witnesses or how to convince them to testify on your behalf. Attorneys are experienced in defense law, know how to trace the right witnesses, and know how to take advantage of their testimony for your defense. 

They Help Reduce Your Sentence 

When your case goes to trial, you are either found guilty or innocent. If you are found guilty, your sentence's severity depends on the quality of your representation. While an attorney has no power to overturn the ruling, they can assist in reducing the sentence. 

They Present and Refute Evidence in Court

When you go to court, you need evidence that will help your defense and you need to understand how to use it in your favor. An attorney is crucial in collecting the right evidence and knows how to use it to your advantage. Additionally, they review and refute the evidence presented by the prosecution. 

Unfortunately, most people who choose to represent themselves do not question the evidence presented by the prosecution, which can be a costly mistake. When you hire an attorney, they review the evidence presented by the prosecution to ensure that it is valid and will also try to find fault to guarantee factual information. 

 They Help Determine If You Should Take or Reject a Plea Bargain

In some instances, a plea bargain can be offered by the prosecution. The choice to take or reject this plea bargain ought to be carefully thought through. It is always advisable to have a legal representative review your case and advise you on whether to accept or reject the plea based on their experience with past cases. 

When you are facing a DUI charge, you should always have a lawyer represent you. As seen, they protect your rights and help improve the outcome of your case.