A 24-Hour Bail Bondsman Decreases The Risk Of Serious Consequences

When people are arrested and held in jail for any length of time, their lives can start to fall apart if cash bail is impossible to pay. Fortunately, in states with bail bond agencies, a 24-hour bondsman helps defendants secure their release. These defendants then are free to continue their daily lives and manage their obligations. 

Potential Consequences

Many people are held in jail before being convicted of the offense. They cannot go to work, so their employment will likely be terminated after a certain length of time. Now they no longer have income. Those without a spouse or domestic partner to pay bills in the meantime can easily have a car repossessed and be unable to pay rent. Children of a single parent may have to be placed in foster care. 

An Unfair Process

These defendants and their families are likely to find the bail process to be fundamentally unfair. U.S. residents with money can pay as soon as they learn the amount. They walk away, resuming their lives and enjoying their freedom.

The idea of capitalism having such a profound effect on the justice system is troubling to many individuals. It seems like wealthier people buy their freedom. Bail bonding agencies make the process fairer. Release from jail becomes available to defendants without large savings accounts or other valuable assets.

Starting the Application Quickly

Families who are anxious about their loved one's well-being while in jail may want to start the bond application process even if they don't yet know the cash bail amount. For example, the defendant might have an alcohol or drug addiction that could cause withdrawal symptoms. The individual could have a mental health condition that increases the risk of suicide. Relatives and friends are scared about what might happen while their loved one is incarcerated without proper supervision or medical care.

Paying the Service Fee

The bond fee is a percentage of the bail, such as 10 percent. Once the applicant learns the amount, the fee can be paid or the family can work on getting the money. The agencies often make payment arrangements, requiring a certain amount down and the rest to be paid in installments. Bonding agents also generally accept credit cards, so that could be an option.

24-7 Service

These organizations usually offer service at any time of day all week long. The agents know that people often are arrested outside of normal business hours. Defendants and their families want them back home as soon as possible.

If you need help getting someone out of jail, contact a local 24-hour bail bond agent.