2 Mistakes You Should Avoid Directly After Being Hurt in an Auto Accident

In the minutes and hours after you are involved in and injured during a car accident, your mind may be in a whirl while you come to grips with what happened. You may also be in a lot of pain, which is causing you to think less clearly.

While having unclear, confused thinking after an accident is understandable, you will need to keep your wits about you to keep from making a couple of mistakes that could hinder any claims you need to file in the weeks and months again.

1.  Rejecting Offers to Go to the Emergency Room

One mistake that you should avoid making right after the accident and while you are still at the scene is turning down the offer to be taken to the emergency room. Even if you know you are injured, you may feel that you can go later. However, if you turn down an immediate visit to the hospital, a couple of problems could arise. First, you may be hurt more than you realize, with shock and adrenaline masking more serious symptoms of your injuries.

Second, the insurance company may try to use this in an attempt not to pay for your injuries. They may try to say that you were not severely injured or that your injuries were sustained after the accident. You will also need the initial documentation from the medical visit for when you contact a lawyer about your case.

2.  Speaking to Your or the Other Driver's Insurance Company

Another mistake that you should avoid is speaking with the insurance company for either your or the other driver's policy. You may start receiving calls while you are in the hospital or shortly after you get home, with the agent claiming they need an immediate statement about the accident.

Giving them a statement so soon after the accident is not a good idea. You may still be in a state of confusion and could say something you do not mean or give the wrong details. If they press you for the statement, simply tell them that you will need to speak with a lawyer before giving the statement.

Along with not being seen by an emergency room doctor and speaking to either insurance company while you are still shaken up after the incident, another major mistake that you should avoid making is attempting to go through the legal process alone. Contact an auto accidents attorney as soon as you are able to set up a consultation to discuss the accident and your injuries. The lawyer can then start building your case as well as take over communications with the insurance agencies so that you can concentrate on healing from your injuries.