Vital Questions You Can Ask Your Workers' Compensation Attorney

Whenever you get injured while at work, you're entitled to medical treatment and compensation from your employer. However, some situations can be tricky, making it impossible to get the payment right away.

Most people rely on workers' compensation attorneys to navigate the challenges that ensue during these times, and you can do so too. Usually, most lawyers offer a free consultation, so you can use this opportunity to know more about how workers' compensation works. Here are vital questions you may ask.

What Benefits Are Usually Provided When One Is Compensated?

The first benefit you're entitled to after a work injury is medical treatment. The company's insurance plan will cover all the hospital expenses for as long as you're there or go for treatment. But it's vital to note that some forms of therapy might not be covered fully. This includes alternative treatments such as physiotherapy and chiropractic care.

Payments will also be made to cover your lost wages if you've missed work for some time due to the injury. If the injury is severe and has caused permanent disability, compensation will be provided. Additional benefits one may get include death payments and retraining vouchers. Note that the type of injury determines the benefits they provide and how soon you recover.

What If the Accident Occurred Because I Was at Fault?

Sometimes workplace accidents occur because of negligence. For instance, you may have chosen not to wear the proper safety precaution then got injured. So, should you get workers' compensation benefits just like someone who wasn't at fault? Generally, workers' compensation programs aren't no-fault based.

Whether you were careless or whether it was your manager's or boss's fault that you got injured, you should still be compensated. However, if you were at fault because you engaged in some illegal activity, were intoxicated, or started a fight that led to the accident, your injury benefits won't be provided. So, make sure you give your lawyer all the information they need, so they'll be informed on how the accident occurred.

Is It Advisable to Quit Work?

As difficult as things might be at the moment, you shouldn't think about quitting your job. If you resign on your own accord, you'll lose all the salary and other benefits you would have received until you resume work.

Some employers will try to force their employees to quit because they launched a compensation claim. For instance, they can make the work conditions unfavorable or assign a different task that's strenuous and unrewarding. Don't suffer in silence when this happens. It's better to notify your workers' compensation lawyer instead of leaving.