3 Scenarios Where You Might Need An Immigration Lawyer

There are dozens of types of lawyers out there. One type of lawyer is an immigration lawyer. These types of lawyers specialize in immigration law and are there to help advocate for individuals who are facing a variety of different immigration issues, including seeking legal status, marrying an immigrant, and trying to seek asylum. 

1. Seeking Legal Immigration Status

There are thousands of people who try to seek legal immigration status every year in the United States of America. With so many more strict and stringent immigration laws, it can be really hard for people to stay here illegally even if they came here legally in the first place. For instance, someone may come to the US on a worker's visa, but they may overstay their visa, which means that technically they are here illegally. If you are in a similar situation and you want to seek legal status again, then an immigration lawyer can help you fill out and file the appropriate paperwork. 

2. Marrying An Immigrant

Just because you married an immigrant doesn't mean that your spouse will immediately gain legal status; in fact, they have to go through a variety of different steps in order to do so. One thing that you, your spouse, and your attorney will have to prove is that your marriage is valid and isn't just for citizenship. Once you can prove this and the paperwork has been properly submitted, it can still take several years for it to be approved. The great thing about having an attorney with you, though, is that they will ensure that everything is filed on time and properly. 

3. Seeking Asylum

If you are fleeing from your native country because you are scared of you or your family being harmed in one way or another, then you may have a valid asylum case. Typically, an immigration lawyer will help people try to gain asylum in the United States. The tricky thing with this process is that because so many people are currently trying to seek asylum, it can be difficult for people to actually get it. However, if your attorney sees that you have a good case with a lot of evidence, they will be able to push it through for you so that you can hopefully stay in the US legally. 

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