Mend Your Relationship With Your Children

It can be extremely painful to be denied access to your children. If your ex spouse does not allow you to see your children or speak to them on the phone, the bond between you and your loved ones will be altered, and your children may grow up feeling alienated and unloved.

Don't settle for less if you feel that your rights have been violated. Take the bull by the horns and mend your relationship with your kids by following the guidelines below. 

Consult With A Legal Professional

Avoid speaking harshly to your ex or threatening them due to their behavior. If you act in an irate manner, your ex could use your actions against you and portray you to be an unstable person during a court hearing. Instead, contact a custody attorney and provide key information about your current situation.

During your phone call, you will be provided with information about fees that the attorney charges. The lawyer may request to meet with you prior to charging you any money. While at the meeting, pay attention to what the lawyer says and try to be upfront and open about the lack of contact with your children. If you choose to hire the attorney, they may request an emergency court hearing so that a judge grants you visitation right away. 

Attend A Court Hearing

Wear respectful clothes to the court hearing and make sure that you arrive on time. Prior to the hearing, consult with your attorney to determine what to expect once you enter the courtroom. If you are addressed by the judge, respond politely and answer any questions honestly.

The judge will likely hold off on changing your children's living arrangements until they have had time to research your case. In the meantime, you will be provided with a visitation schedule. The schedule will include information about where you will need to go to pick up and drop off your children. 

Abide By A Judge's Orders And Seek A Change In Custody

Now that you have been granted visitation, it is important to remain a constant in your children's lives. The last thing you will want to do is upset them by suddenly disappearing from their life again.

Abide by the judge's orders at all times. Do not try to keep your children for longer than you are allowed to and remain cordial to your ex when picking up or dropping off your children. If you have decided to try to get full custody of your children, follow your child custody attorney's advice prior to and during the court hearing.