Is Your Employer Trying To Let You Go Because Of Age? Get A Discrimination Lawyer Fast

If you have been forced out of a job early, or if you are being threatened that if you don't retire you will be fired, you could be the victim of age discrimination and you want to talk with a discrimination attorney right away. There are a lot of laws protecting you from discrimination, and if your employer doesn't want to pay your high wage that has accumulated over the years, and they have no reason to force you out other than they want to hire a more affordable employee, you have to see what your right's are. Here are some things to consider and that a lawyer can help with.

Go Over Your Employee Contract

If you signed an employee contract when you were hired in years ago, it may be difficult to come up with the original. Check to see if the employer has it on record. If you have since then updated your contracted and changed the terms of your employment, you need to look at the most recent copy, and take it to a lawyer to see what grounds the employer may be claiming to let you go.

Negotiate a Better Deal

Do you want to work for a company that has tried to get rid of you or fire you? If you don't, then you want to work with the discrimination lawyer to work out a better deal than what they are offering you, and what they want to pay you. Have your lawyer contact them to let them know you are considering suing for age discrimination, and then to see if they are willing to negotiate.

Take the Matter to Court

Your lawyer will let you know if the employer can get away with forcing you out, or if you have a case to fight. If your lawyer wants to fight to see what they can get you, and to help put a spotlight on the company, prepare to possibly part ways with the company during the trial so you aren't treated poorly. You may want to use some of your built up vacation time or sick days.

If you are dealing with stress and worry because your employer is trying to push you out of your job because of your age, there are a lot of different things that you can do, but contacting a discrimination attorney should be one of the first. Get your consultation scheduled to learn more.