Entry Exam: How to Prove Injury from a Door That Is Too Heavy

Getting hurt inside of a store or business is usually because of a slip and fall. Getting injured due to a door being heavy is uncommon, but it does happen. Some business owners prefer to have reinforced doors for security. If the doors at the front entrance of the building are heavy, it may be difficult to open the door. If a heavy entrance door has caused a pull or sprain in your wrist, shoulder, or arm, this is a legitimate concern. One of the biggest issues is proving that the injury came from the door. Here are some of the ways that you may be able to prove that it was a heavy door that caused your issue.  

Have a trial run

Physical proof is the best method for showing that a door was too heavy to pull and caused injury. If you have been injured due to a door, and you are trying to prove your case, you and your personal injury attorney should ask for the records of the store in question. The store may have the weight of the door on record from when it was purchased or renovated. Even if there are no records on file, the court may request evidence of the heft of the door and how much strength it takes to pull the door. 

Get a doctor's note

A doctors note will go a long way in proving how an injury happened. If your doctor can corroborate the fact that pulling or pushing something that was heavy caused an injury, you may have a better shot at a personal injury claim. Be sure to provide your attorney with all of your doctor's findings, including X-rays, necessary treatment, prescriptions, and a write-up of what the doctor said. This will help you to collect damages if you have any long-term issues plus give credibility to your claims. 

Find out the store's history

If others have ever complained of the weight of a door, this can be considered evidence when it comes to taking the store to court. Other customers complaining that the door was too heavy or even being hurt by the door can mean negligence on the part of the store owners. This means that they ignored potential damage to the public, even after being warned. Have your attorney look up the store's legal history through the courts and the police for other complaints and claims. 

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