Hiring A Social Security Disability Lawyer Is The Key To Receiving Disability Approval

Social Security Administration (SSA) uses a listing process to ensure that you meet the automatic criteria to qualify for approval of disability benefits. You must hire an experienced social security benefits lawyer who will examine the listing qualification requirements and determine whether your illness appears as a disability in the disability Blue Book. If you haven't already filed an application with the SSA, your attorney will have you file the application and then decide whether the evidence you offer matches disability requirements. Hiring a social security disability lawyer is the key to receiving disability approval.

Chance For Approval Enhanced By Hiring An Attorney

Your chances of being approved for disability are greater when a social security lawyer represents you. Social security disability tends to approve you as an applicant when legal counsel represents you. Legal counsel comes prepared with an understanding about all the documentation that the court expects in order for a ruling in your favor to occur. Once you've filed your application, your attorney uses information from the application to start preparing a strategic case for you.

Necessary Discovery  Facts

Your lawyer develops a case of relevance associated with your work history and age. Your impairment will be a substantial and circumstantial aspect of the case proceeding. Your lawyer will clearly establish at what point you were forced to discontinue working.

Medical Evidence Is Vital To Your Claim

Medical evidence will be gathered and used to support your claim. You must help your attorney to gain the best medical history that will influence a ruling in your favor. Obtain a complete medical history that lists names of the doctors who treated you. Get a list of your medical tests, medication list and also dosages. If you've had any hospitalizations, name them on your list. All of this information will be considered as your attorney begins working on your case.

Merits Of Your Case

Your lawyer evaluates the merit of your case based on facts derived from your application. You have a chance to gain approval at the initial stage of application when it's sent directly to the Disability Determination Services. Your attorney will be paid a lawyer's fee for representing you only if you win the case at this stage. The fee is subtracted from your winning payment and amounts to approximately 25 percent of any disability back pay that you're entitled to. If DDS sends your application to the Social Security Disability office for consideration and it's rejected, your attorney can file a disability appeal. The only drawback to an appeal is that it may take up to one year for a final resolution.

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