What Should You Be Doing If A Class Action Lawsuit Has Been Filed Against Your Company?

When you learn that you and your company are the defendants in a class action lawsuit, it can be a shock. It is hard to know what you should and shouldn't do so that the case is either dismissed or settled without too much damage to your company.

Get a Lawyer Who Specializes in Class Action Suits

Your company might already have corporate lawyers on staff. However, once your company is being sued in a class action suit, it would be a mistake to use your lawyers to litigate the case for you. Not only are their jobs directly affected by the outcome, but if you want to increase your chances of success, finding a specialist is a wise idea. Attorneys who specialize in these kinds of lawsuits have a better idea of what kind of offers you should make to the people suing you, what statements you should make to the public, and how to navigate through the process so that your company can survive.

Plan for the Worst Case Scenario

After consulting a lawyer who specializes in class action defense, you should better understand what could happen to your company if the outcome of the case is not in your favor. Rather than assuming that you'll get the outcome you want, you need to do some planning so that even if the worst happens, your company can recover. If you are facing significant financial losses, for instance, start talking to your directors about possible project terminations or layoffs. Have a plan in place so that everyone knows what will happen if your company does not prevail.

Meet With Employees

As news of the lawsuit spreads throughout all levels of your business, it is natural that employees will talk amongst themselves about it. They may become worried about the future of their jobs and some false information might find its way into circulating stories about the case. For that reason, it is smart to have a company meeting, or a series of meetings, about what is happening. Have your staff lawyers and defense lawyer present so that they can answer any questions that arise. Above all, be as honest as you can about the case.

Being a defendant in a class action lawsuit can be a stressful experience, but using the suggestions here can help you through the process. Talk regularly with a defense attorney, like those at Mohajerian A Professional Law Corporation, for more direction during this time.