Tips For Building A Strong Summary Judgment Case

If you are involved in a summary judgment case, or a case that is not going to be decided by a full court, then you need to make sure that you help prepare the best case possible with your legal council. Here are some tips.

1. Be Willing to Go on the Offensive

If a trial is not going to be decided by a full court system, then you are going to need to go on the offensive. There is no jury to try to win over in order to make sure that you do as well as possible in the case. Instead, it is up to you and your legal team to the present the facts to the best of your ability and allow the judge to decide. By playing offensively, you increase the chances of being able to get more facts on the table and make what appears to be a stronger case, making it more likely that the judge will side with you. In order to get a summary judgment case in the first place, you need to show that the odds of the judgment are highly in your favor due to the overwhelming evidence. 

You can help your legal team go on the offensive by providing them with all of the information that you have about the case, as well as coming up with different angles that they could use to highlight the case to your best advantage. Providing a written account of all of the details of the case can also help firm up the argument because it provides hard guidelines for the facts.

2. Prepare for a Jury Even if There Isn't One Yet

There is a chance that your case will eventually go to a full court system and have a jury. This would not be the desired outcome of the case, but it is not necessarily a bad outcome. You can get ready for the chance that the case will go to a jury by simply preparing for the questions that the jury would ask ahead of time and having clear answers to them. If you are able to think of and prepare for all of the questions that the jury would ask, you strengthen your own case and reduce the chance that the case will go to a jury. Even if it does go to a jury, you will be prepared.

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