Need To Get A Loved One Out Of Jail? Use One Of These Items For Bond Collateral

Getting a call from a loved one who is behind bars can be extremely frustrating. First, you have to try to make sense of what is going on. Next, you have to figure out if you are going to bail them out or not. If you are, you now have to figure out how you are going to get the money needed to get them out of jail. Many people worry that they are going to have to come up with the full bail amount on their own. However, that isn't the case. You can simply turn to a licensed bail bondsman to help. Check out some of the forms of collateral they are often willing to take to help you out.


If you have a piece of land that you own, you can use that as collateral to secure the bond. You would simply need to provide the deed to the land and sign off on it. The bondsman will hold onto it until the case is done and over with. Once done, they will give the title back to you. This eliminates your having to put a small fortune on the line. However, the land will need to be worth as much as the bond for it to work.

Bank Account Balances

If you have a large amount of cash in your bank account, you can always pledge so much of that to getting your loved one out of jail. The bondsman will ask you to commit a certain dollar amount for the duration of the process. This can tie up a good chunk of money in the meantime, but it works well when you don't have a lot of assets available to work with. It also helps to reduce the total amount you need to pay them to get your loved one out.

Items You Can Pawn

Anything you can pawn can often be used as collateral. Things such as instruments, televisions, game systems and so on can easily be used as collateral for the bondsman. They will help you determine how much the collateral has to be worth for them to write the bond. You might need to come up with a few different items to make it worth their while. Don't worry; you get all of the items back when the case is done with.

Don't wait around trying to come up with the cash to get your loved one out. Use the help of a bail bondsman and save yourself a lot of hassles. To learn more, contact a bail bondsman like Ron's Bonds Co.