How To Maximize Your Worker's Compensation Claim

A sudden injury on the job can keep you from working for weeks or months. Protect your income by filing your compensation claim correctly the first time. Get help from a workers compensation lawyer to make sure that you get the maximum benefit for your claim. Any delays in filing or mistakes in the claim application will keep you waiting for money to pay your bills. Here is how to make sure your claim is done right the first time.

Report All Injuries Quickly

Make sure that any injuries become a part of your permanent employee record by reporting them to your supervisor promptly. Your record is referenced when you file a claim. Should you delay reporting an injury, the insurance company may question just how serious the injury really was for you.

Document All Witnesses to the Injury

Make note of anyone in the area that may have observed the injury. Get the names and contact information of anyone present. If the insurance company has any doubts of the authenticity of the injury claim, they will want to question these witnesses as to what they saw and how the injury happened.

Get an Exam for Any Injury, No Matter How Small

You should see your doctor about any injury that may result in a compensation claim. Follow up on any treatment recommendations made by your doctor. If you try to file a claim for which you did not get an exam or treatment, the insurance company will likely deny you any benefits on the grounds that you thought the injury wasn't serious enough to seek a doctor's help.

Your Lawyer Will Help You Prepare Your Story

When you speak with your employer or their insurance company about your injury claim, you need to be accurate and consistent with the information you give them. Your attorney will coach you on what to say and how to deliver the information. Some key tips include:

  • give accurate dates and times of events leading up to the injury
  • describe the injury and treatment in a way that matches the doctor's notes in your medical records
  • be clear that the injury occurred while you were at work

Be Precise When Filling Out Forms

Your lawyer like David Ewens will make sure that all documents required for the compensation claim are filled out correctly. Simple mistakes, such as misspelling your name or giving a wrong birth date, will cause your claim to be denied. The information on the claim must also match any medical records, doctor's notes and testimony and treatment records submitted with the claim.