3 Unusual Situations When You Could Be Entitled To Worker's Compensation

Workers compensation, or the money that is given to help defray medical costs to an employee that was injured on the job, is an important step in making sure that the employee returns to health without being crushed by a pile of hospital bills. Most of the time, workers compensation issues come up when an employee is actually at work, performing his or her job, when he or she is injured. However, an employee doesn't necessarily have to be at work in order to be entitled for workers compensation. Here are three situations when an employee may be entitled to workers compensation benefits.

1. Injured at an Office Party

If you are going to an office party and you slip on the steps because they were not properly maintained, or if a light falls from the ceiling and hits you, then you will almost certainly be eligible for workers compensation. The reason for this is because you were not at fault for the injuries that you sustained while at an event that was put on by your employers. Your safety should be the number one priority of your employers and it is up to them to find a safe venue. You will almost certainly be awarded workers compensation if you were required to be at the office party and the injury was not your own fault.

2. Injured While Picking Up Supplies During Work Hours

If you leave the premises of your job to run an errand that is specifically related to that job, such as picking up supplies for the office or materials for a project, then you are still in a work situation. You are being paid for the time that you spend running these errands and are therefore still performing your job. Should you get into a car accident during this time, there is a good chance that you will be able to push for workers compensation. You cannot be compensated if you leave the office to find a place to eat lunch and are injured, however.

3. If You Are Working on a Computer From Home and Get Injured

If you are working on a computer from home and are injured as a result of the work that you were doing, then you are eligible for workers compensation. An example situation is if you are burnt by your older laptop that tends to heat up and is very hot after using it to work for more than four hours.

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