What You Could Be Charged With If You Helped Someone Commit A Robbery

If you helped someone commit a robbery, you can be charged for that crime as well. You can be charged for helping out in a variety of different ways before, during and even after the robbery occurred. Here is a breakdown of how you can be charged, depending on how you participated in the robbery.

Principal In The First Degree

The person who commits the crime is legally referred to as the "principal in the first degree."

When you think of a robber, this is probably who you picture. This is the person who actually goes into the store, issues the threats and demands, and walks off with the stolen goods or money.

Accessory Before The Fact

If you help the principle in the first degree facilitate the robbery, you could be charged for your participation.

For example, if you stake out the store and provide the principal in the first degree with information about when money is moved to the safe at night, you would be an accessory before the fact.

Or, if you give or sell the principal in the first degree a firearm with the knowledge they are going to use it in the robbery, you could be charged with the robbery as well. If the gun kills someone during the robbery, you could be charged with murder. Helping someone commit a crime has serious consequences.

Principal In The Second Degree

If you help someone commit the crime, legally you are a "principal in the second degree." To qualify and be charged as a principal in the second degree, you have to be at the crime scene and assist principal in the first-degree committee the robbery. Being a lookout or driving the getaway vehicle makes you a principal in the second degree.

Accessory After The Fact

If you help the principal in the first degree evade law enforcement in any way, you can be charged as an accessory after the fact. This includes hiding someone in your house while you know the police are looking for them, as well as providing a false alibi to help your friend avoid being convicted. If you are aware someone committed a robbery, you will face charges as well for helping them avoid the police.

If one of your friends tries to involve you in a robbery, say no thanks. Helping in any way, from providing the gun to staking out the store, could get you charged as well. If you find yourself facing charges for participating in a robbery, hire your own criminal defense attorney right away.