Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney? Be Sure To Cover These Three Topics

Upon sustaining any sort of injury in which you believe someone else to be at fault or negligent, an appropriate course of action to pursue is seeking the advice of a personal injury attorney. When you meet in person with those you're considering hiring, the discussion will focus on the various elements of your case, but should also gravitate toward the attorney's education, years in practice and experience with cases similar to yours. Your interactions with the attorney can influence whether you wish to hire him or her or whether you'd rather continue your search. Before you make up your mind, be sure to also discuss these three topics.

Duration Before Resolution

It's ideal to work with an attorney who has represented many clients in a similar situation as you for many different reasons. One of these reasons is that the attorney should be able to provide you with an estimate as to how long your case will take before it's resolved. Knowing this information is valuable because you might have the chance to agree to a settlement to avoid a lengthy case. If you're not prepared for the duration of the case, a settlement can be appealing. However, if you understand the likely length of the case and have accepted it, you'll know not to accept the settlement.

Legal Team Members

The personal injury attorney sitting across the table from you might very well handle every element of your case from the moment you hire him or her to the point that the case concludes. In other situations, he or she will be assisted by an extensive team that includes other attorneys and investigators. It's important to know whether the attorney will be working exclusively or be joined by colleagues -- the last thing you want is to really be drawn to the attorney's personality but find that you won't be dealing with him or her directly. If a legal team will be involved, ask if you can meet each key member.

Your Role

Virtually every different person seeking a personal injury attorney has a different expectation as to his or her role as the case proceeds. Think about your desired extent of involvement. If you will be busy working or attending medical appointments on a regular basis, think about how you want to communicate with investigators and whether you want to be kept abreast of developments. Some people like to be informed of every last detail, while others prefer minimal involvement. Sharing this information and being sure that it will suit the attorney's style is important before you move forward. Contact a business, such as the Dimeo Law Offices, for more information.