Divorce Mediation: What To Expect

Mediation is a type of conflict resolution that divorcing couples use when they want to avoid going to court. During mediation, the couple meets with a professional mediator who helps facilitate a discussion and resolution on marital issues. Mediators are typically lawyers, but there are also many that aren't. Mediators should be neutral and represent neither side. They can not advise on if an offer is adequate or fair. Mediators are allowed to explain the rules about divorce but aren't allowed to display any bias in favor of either position.

4 Benefits That You Accrue By Having A DUI Lawyer Represent You

If you are arrested while driving under the influence, you can represent yourself or have an attorney represent you. Although there is a lot of information about self-representation on the internet, it can never compare to working with an actual lawyer. If you are wondering why you should hire a DUI attorney instead of representing yourself, here's why. They Find Expert Witnesses Who Can Help Your Case  The sentence you get when you are found guilty of a DUI charge is determined by how well you defend yourself.

Bankruptcy and Back Rent: What You Need to Know

An eviction is devastating. Whether you have lost your job, or you simply got behind on your bills, your landlord can opt to evict you if you get behind on your rent payments. In a situation in which you could face eviction because you are considerably behind on your rent payments, you may want to consider filing for bankruptcy. Although it sounds drastic, bankruptcy may be able to keep you in your home.

A 24-Hour Bail Bondsman Decreases The Risk Of Serious Consequences

When people are arrested and held in jail for any length of time, their lives can start to fall apart if cash bail is impossible to pay. Fortunately, in states with bail bond agencies, a 24-hour bondsman helps defendants secure their release. These defendants then are free to continue their daily lives and manage their obligations.  Potential Consequences Many people are held in jail before being convicted of the offense. They cannot go to work, so their employment will likely be terminated after a certain length of time.

Child Custody Orders: What To Do When They Aren't Followed

One of the most difficult aspects of divorce is dealing with the child custody agreement and the pursuant visitation schedule, child transfer, and other details. This entire process can be made even more difficult when you factor in one parent not following the court's child custody order. When one parent disregards the custody order in any manner, it can make the entire process more challenging and frustrating for the other parent.